Creative Juicy Life


I took this little diddy awhile back in Sedona, AZ!!

Everyone has their own name for it….Brandi Reynolds calls it the Joy Rebellion….Christine Reed of Bliss Chick calls her life’s manifesto: Eccentricity Revolution for Wild Women ….Lately, I find myself throwing the words CREATIVE JUICY LIFE around! As I think of my vacation days beginning to wane, and work soon on the horizon, I’ve been writing down notes-to-self on little things I notice that make my Creative Juicy Life actually creative and juicy!! There is no reason that the bliss I have newly uncovered can not grow and stay present as my life’s circumstances change and evolve. I am on a mission to live this Creative Juicy Life fully…and to share the beauty and struggles of maintaining it here with you in Dirty Footprints Studio.

So with that said, I have an exciting announcement!

Drum roll please. Que the dancers.

This Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm EST the vivacious, wonderful, and highly creative Genie Sea of the blog Reality Insanity will be hanging out in the Dirty Footprints Studio for a conversation on living a CREATIVE JUICY LIFE!!!! We will be discussing how both of us define a creative juicy life and the importance of finding time and space for creativity in one’s life. I look forward to speaking with Genie–she is one cool chica who lives her life true to the callings of her heart.

Plus, I am excited to share that I officially changed my radio show’s title from Dirty Footprints Studio Talk to Creative Juicy Life. Doesn’t that have such a better ring to it? I love it!!

I hope you will join the conversation on Sunday with Genie Sea. You can actually add your nuggets of wisdom by calling in at the number 646.727.3034 or you can go HERE to listen live. Don’t worry—if you miss it, be sure to listen at your leisure by visiting the player on my side bar or by visiting the home of Creative Juicy Life HERE.

Peace & Love.

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