Under A Full Moon


I created this painting today…in honor of the Full Moon.

Tonight look out your window at the Full Blessed Moon. Better yet, take a walk under her glory. Hold hands with a beloved if you can, or just share the evening with your thoughts…your wishes. Leave all your past worries there at the foot of her moon beams, and go to sleep tonight in her care.

I recently received a beautiful message in my Facebook about beginning or reaffirming one’s Sadhana on the night of the Full Moon. (You can read it in a post HERE.) Basically, Sadhana is a term used in Yoga for one’s spiritual practice. What does that look like to you in your life?

For me, this is something I have been thinking about all day. Well, for the past few days ever since I read that message. What is my spiritual practice in this life? What can I reaffirm my commitment to–realistically?

For many we take our spiritual practice for granted, until hardship shows its ugly face. Then we long to cling to something to give us hope, to support us through our sorrow. But what does our spiritual practice look and feel like when the good times are rolling, and life is juicy and delicious? Do we still find ourselves in prayer, is our Yoga mat stretched across the floor? Or does all that spiritual yada yada take a backseat for awhile? You know it’s there, you dip your toes into its grace by remembering to be grateful, but what does your spiritual life really look like chicas?

It doesn’t have to be found on a meditation cushion, a pew in the second row, or even a prayer said by memory. What is the spiritual practice that you live with–that you take with you no matter what–that you turn to in good times and bad?

Today I had a rough day. We’ll leave it at that. But finally, when things began to settle, and I could slip into the studio, I found a paintbrush in my hand and I let myself fall into prayer.

My prayer is made up of pigment and movement of line—full of texture and layers.

My spiritual practice is centered in my Creativity. It is the place I keep returning to, in good times and bad. It is the sacred act I offer to the world, the Universe, to the Source of unlimited creation.

Tonight I reaffirm my commitment to my spiritual practice. To picking up the paintbrush and opening up the Art Journal as a sacred opportunity to reconnect with my inner light and the Source of all creation. Tonight I reaffirm my commitment to Creativity in this world, by sharing my gifts, and helping others discover and nurture their own. Through Art I find my purpose…through Creativity I find sanctuary.

Peace & Love.

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