I love my friend Jennifer Lee.

Love her.

Every time I’m at her blog, or read an email, or have a chat…I love her even more.  She is such a special, honest, Creative Juicy soul…and she has a magical way of reminding me (and all that she is in touch with) of living life authentically.  I was just over at her blog right now…and felt so moved that I need to write.

Jennifer is just finishing up an Expressive Arts training with the equally as Creative Juicy Chris Zydel.  She has shared this incredible process on her blog HERE, including her big, delicious paintings, and snippets of color from this experience.  Even though your eyes will dance in all the colorful photos, I think your heart will sink into the honesty of someone on a journey.

It’s funny.  When I think of Jennifer…I always think of someone bigger then life…someone who everything she touches is Creative…and someone who really has her stuff together.  When I first met her, she laid everything on the table that she wanted in her life.  No detail was left untouched, and she had such elegance to her precision..that I honestly, felt like a vagabond in terms to the way I go about my dreams.

But then I read her words….how there are tears, and insecurities, and things she needs to work through. There are challenges, and obstacles that only she perceives.  She’s human, just like the rest of us…no matter how together and fabulous her life may look to her friends.

We all wake up and wonder, don’t we?  We all worry that we won’t be good enough…big enough…that somehow we’ll slip through this life without breathing in our dreams completely.  We worry that others are doing what we do and no one will accept us.  We worry that our words are light like feathers, and all of our effort is in vain.  We worry, about things, that only exist in our minds–as the world outside is viewing us as creatures bigger then life.

I know.  I do this myself.

But, I’m here to say…it’s time.  Time to start just being BIG, and not apologizing about it.  Time to speak BIG–dream BIG–and fill my skinny jeans like a BIG girl does!  It’s time to embrace my heart–that is so fucking BIG that I love you, and everyone you know…and I won’t explain myself…I just do.  It’s time to look at myself as BIG–like those around me do.  It’s time to tell my friends they’re BIG, so we can take on this BIG beautiful world together.

So big, BIG Universe–do you hear me?

You can’t scare me anymore…I refuse to let you tickle my mind into worry…I’m throwing all my small thoughts out, all those safe ways of being, I only have this one Creative Juicy Life, and you better believe it–it’s BIG!

All paintings were created by Jennifer Lee.


Peace & Love.

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