I Have A Fever & The Only Prescription Is More COLOR!


I love color.  Like I absolutely, truly love color.  There is something about it…I can catch a flash of color out of the corner of my eye.  I can spot the greatest color combos in the most oddest settings.  I drink color.  Seriously–that’s why I love fresh juicing and smoothies so much–it’s the beautiful color I want to digest more then anything.  I wear my colorful head wraps almost daily, and I love to wear brightly colored toe polish!  Color! Color! Color!!! Ahhhh color.


The thing is, do we ever think about it?  Do we make an effort to invite color into our lives?  Into our day?  Into our home?  Think about it.



Being an Art Teacher in an elementary school I am asked almost every day what my favorite color is.  Depending how I feel that day, my answer tends to be purple, orange, or red.  If you were to come over to our home, you would notice as well that those are the three dominant colors that dance around our apartment.  In my studio, I have the most luscious red rug that I always paint on, lounge on with  my laptop, and meditate on.  It’s no accident it’s red…I purposely chose red, because it is the color of the base chakra…and because of that, it’s a very grounding color.  When I’m in the studio, and at home in general, it’s nice to feel grounded, and have a warm place to refuel from.  I think it makes a huge difference.  I know I would feel different if I was just creating and reflecting on the drab beige carpet that lays beneath my red oasis.  There is magic to this rug.  It comes from the color.



All this week at school, my projects with the kiddos have been dripping wet in color. Juicy, fabulous, exciting color.  I think it helped make the week fly by.



In my humble opinion, the Creative Juicy Life has got to have color. Lots and lots of color!!


This little diddy was created by one of my kiddos this week! Very Creative Juicy!

To learn what the colors of the chakras are go HERE.

Be sure to check out this cool site on Color Therapy HERE.

AND..one more thing…we’re gonna be all about color at the Creative Dig Workshop!  There is still space available…so check it out and register HERE.

Peace & Love.

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