One Cool Chica: Carla Falb


I actually found Carla Falb’s Art work this Summer but have been waiting to feature her until school started back up. I love her paintings and especially her black and white drawings. Part of why I dig her work is because I’m a huge fan of roller coasters…but more then that, I think her work creates that feeling of absolute fear tangled around pure excitement. Then, when you begin to look closer…you can discover that there is deeper meaning going on here. The roller coaster turns into a metaphor…and I see it as the ups, downs, twists, and turns of this beautiful Creative Juicy Life!!

“Carla Falb began her Roller Coaster Series in the fall of 2001. No, she is not a roller coaster fanatic and doesn’t consider her work as literally depicting the specific rides. Instead, Falb thinks of her series as being more about the layers of metaphorical meanings based on the various coasters’ physical structures, sudden turns, extreme drops, and cyclical ride.

She sees her work as a metaphysical journey that connects the complexities of our physical/ emotional existence with the spiritual realm. Actually, Falb’s interest in metaphysics dates back to discussions with her father, a Methodist minister, who shared his beliefs as well as his eclectic interests with her: i.e. the writings of Carl Jung and Herman Hesse, and music ranging from Beethoven to the Beatles. “

When I found Carla’s work I emailed her how much I loved it…and that I planned to share it with my kiddos at school…I told her that I was certain soon they would idolize her like another Picasso!! Carla sweetly emailed me back and informed me that she also teaches Art–to high schoolers!

Carla Falb is definitely one cool chica.

Visit her website HERE.

Peace & Love.

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