One Cool Chica: Rowena Murillo


I am super excited to introduce you to this week’s One Cool Chica!! Her name is Rowena Murillo and she’s a Creative Juicy painter and the writer of the blog Warrior Girl. Yesterday she wrote a post called Bold HERE that was so perfectly scripted from my heart that I could have written those exact words myself (minus all the Mommy stuff and substitute the word “farm” for “Costa Rican jungle”!!!).

Rowena’s work stretches across many different themes…but each piece stays whimsical and deeply metaphoric. I absolutely love her “Flying Girl” series that are posted here. Aren’t they absolutely sweet?!?!

You have to visit and spend time in her Etsy shop HERE. I love how each description of her pieces has a nugget of wisdom attached to it….you not only purchase one of her gorgeous creations…but a piece of her life experience as well.

That’s beautiful.

“There is no ending. In life, we simply grow and change and transform. Sometimes the world is gray, sometimes we are gray. But if we keep moving forward, keep looking for the lesson and keep trying, ultimately that dream we are trying to reach will indeed come true.”

-Rowena Murillo

I love her paintings.
I love her heart.

I think Rowena Murillo is definitely One Cool Chica!

Peace & Love.

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