Safeguarding Your Creativity



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Sunday is the perfect day to speak about safeguarding our Creativity…my number four thought in my recipe to beginning a Creative Juicy Life.  And why I choose Sunday is because it has always been a day that I like to pamper myself a little bit more.  Maybe sleep in, or take a bubble bath.  But most especially, I love Sundays for spending a bit more time in the real life Dirty Footprints Studio.

Just like making self care a priority…we need to make our Creativity a priority.

In my Creative Juicy Life, its important to put my own Creativity as a major priority.  I schedule it in my mind’s plan for the day in the morning.  I even set little goals and deadlines that I keep track of in a planner for my little Creative projects I embark on.  I know many of you are mothers and busy with keeping up a career and a home and your own self care plan, that you might feel how can you possibly add another thing to your Creative Juicy Life.

Truth is, if the doctor told you that your health depended on you getting a twenty minute treatment every day…would you say that you’re too busy?  Creativity, in any form, is important to your health…your overall well being, and to the upkeep of your Creative Juicy Life.  What’s 20 minutes?  Bet you spend more then that in front of the boob tube or pointlessly surfing the web.

Safeguard your Creativity.  Find time for it…even if it’s only 10, 20, 30 minutes every day.  So many people don’t start something, because they make excuses that they just don’t have the time to do it.  But Creativity…and living the Creative Juicy Life is not about time–it is about action and awareness.

For example, why start a painting if all you can do is paint for maybe 10 minutes a day….it will take you forever to finish.  Right?

How long do you think it took to finish the Sistine Chapel?

Answer–four years.

What would the world be like if Michelangelo said “Nooo, I’m not going to start painting that ceiling…it will take me forever to finish.”  C’mon!! Ten minutes a day of creativity will add up to something eventually…and who knows, maybe the next Sistine Chapel!! Anyways…in this beautiful Creative Juicy Life…it’s not about the destination chicas, it’s all about the journey…and those 10 minutes of Creative bliss a day–they will add years to your life, lighten your spirit, and add some fun.  Yes, most importantly…the Creative Juicy Life has got to be fun!!!

Peace & Love.

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