A Blank Space


Recently my friend Sandy from the blog Dreaming Cafe was so inspired by the interview I gave on Artcetera HERE that she ran right out and purchased a set of watercolors.

Wowsers!! I’m so hugely honored to get your Creative Juices pumping.

But once this dear soul got home and took the wrapper off the set…she froze..hit a wall…got scared.

I’ve been painting since I was in diapers, so I overlook sometimes that there are Lovelies out there that the feel of a brush in their hands is a completely new sensory experience. Or the smell of fresh paint might get them nervous and start their heart rate to race. Then…you throw a blank piece of paper or an empty canvas in front of them, and they go running for the door.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. I know Sandy is not the only one, and I have taken it upon myself to help. I want to ease the fear, I want to spark a love affair between you and your brush, I want you to adore those paints and all the beauty they can create on your command. I want you to believe in yourself and embrace the Artist that had the gusto to purchase those Art supplies in the first place.

I simply want you to have some Creative Juicy fun.

So the first thing I think we need to attack together is that empty space staring back at you. That’s what really scares you…paint is too friendly, too cute and colorful, and easy to fall in love with. It’s that daunting blank page that has you all biting your nails. Am I right?

Let’s start tomorrow. I’m going to hold your hand, and we’re going to put that blank space in its place!! You are going to look at that empty canvas, that blank page, that new Art Journal as a place to express yourself and softly land, instead of something to fear and use as a weapon against your baby Artist self.

Are you ready?

Peace & Love.

PS Make sure to run over to BlissChick HERE and check out a soul searching, WILD WOMAN interview Christine Reed did with me! She really got me thinking.

PPS If you don’t mind…I’m hear for you Lovelies…please tell me in a comment or by sending me an email HERE what really scares you about starting a new Art adventure…Share with me! Even if you are newbie to the whole Creative Juicy Life or a seasoned Artist that still gets the jitters every time you begin a new series of work. I’m interested in hearing your story.

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