Tonight I wished I had my camera…but…

I don’t think it would have captured my feelings as much as paint did.

(If you look closely though, you’ll notice one of my altered photos!!!! hehe)

Ever since I had the case of the Blues a few weeks ago, stress has taken over mine and Hansel’s life. It just seems like one big issue after another has interrupted our Creative Juicy Lives and has challenged us, beaten us up a bit, and sucked the life right out of our veins. Lately, I’ve been feeling exhausted. So has my dear Hansel. Together…this does not always make for a happy home. I think even our furry kiddos are feeling the stress. Poor souls.

And then…today…I finally decided enough is enough. Who’s gonna win this battle over the rights to my Creative Juicy Life? Me or this stress monster that waits by my bed side every morning to pounce me like a lion?

I say bye bye monster! Adios good friend!

Yes…I just called that bastard monster my friend. Because this nasty little beast has taught me some HUGE lessons about me, my life, my surroundings, and who I can rely on in times when the stress monster has got me by the throat. I’m not saying he’s welcomed back whenever he feels like it…I’m saying thank you stress monster for reminding me what is REALLY important in my life. Now get the hell out!

So tonight, Hansel also decided enough is enough…and together we turned our backs to the stress monsters and headed straight for the hot tub! We spent hours jumping from the hot tub to the pool and splashing, playing, and simply relaxing under the most beautiful dark phthalocyanine blue sky ever. I forgot how beautiful the tops of palm trees look when you’re laying down–how tiny I am, how insignificant the stress monster is, how big, and incredible, and absolutely amazing this Universe is…until I laid there and looked up at the evening sky.

I know it may sound silly, but I stared so hard at the Universe above…that my forehead started to tingle…and I’m was stardust…washing my mind clean again.

Peace & Love.

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