A Traveling Art Studio


I need to clean the Dirty Footprints Studio. It has become a total disaster. Not good.

I use the studio for art making, yoga practicing, computer surfing, impromptu dance parties, and hanging out. I love my studio!! It has a great huge closet to keep everything in, a juicy red rug that I do all my creating on…and in one corner is a set of great windows where I keep an alter–a constant reminder that this room is sacred.

But creating has been at a minimum lately in the studio…..and I know alot of it has to do with the mess that is building up.

So, I’m making another Art Every Day Month pact here (my first one was that I would buy guitar strings and start rocking out again!!!)…..I AM GOING TO CLEAN THE STUDIO THIS WEEK!!!! I am going to wipe the dirt, get rid of the clutter, and organize my stuff again—to make room for a plethora of paint drips, charcoal dust, and a new round of sticky mod podge spills!!!

Just because the Dirty Footprints Studio has been less then par, doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating! That’s when my Dirty Footprints Traveling Studio comes in handy (pictured above)!!!

I get emails often from Creative Juicy Lovelies expressing that the THING keeping them from living the artist life their heart longs for is that they lack space. That’s when I tell them about the Dirty Footprints Traveling Studio! You don’t need a lot of space to make art–to art journal–or to get those creative juices flowing!! Noway!!! You don’t even need an old Samsonite traveling case–but it sure makes it more fun!! For years, before I fell in love with my baby blue suitcase I found at a thrift store, my traveling studio was an old tool box I picked up at a garage sale. Anything you can keep some supplies, a plastic table cloth, and a few trinkets that inspire and remind you that your present space is sacred is enough to constitute for a sufficient traveling studio. I know the wonderful Leah at Creative Every Day has a little traveling studio she keeps in a picnic basket—how stinking cute is that!?!?!

So….don’t let poor housekeeping, lack of room, or a small studio apartment keep you from creating and living your Creative Juicy Life!! Decorate a cardboard box, ask Granny if you could have her old luggage, dump your hubby’s tools into a garbage bag and claim the box as your domain, or simply spend the weekend cruising the aisles of your near by thrift store. Your studio is waiting for you…your life as a working, Creative Juicy artist, is in your grasp!!

And if you do get a new Traveling Studio…or already have one…I’d love to hear about it. Share!! Share!! Share!!……please.

Peace & Love.

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