Day 1: Art Every Day


This gorgeous painting was done by Kim over at Queen of Arts!! She was so inspired by my Morning post I wrote last week that she had to get her Art Journal LOVE’n on!!

So here’s the deal….I’ve decided to jump aboard the Art Every Day Month challenge this month over at the FABULOUSO blog Creative Every Day. Leah’s been talking about it for awhile…and I kept tossing the idea around…and today, I finally took the plunge and said sign me up!! Why has this been such a struggle for me to decide to commit? Because of just that–the commitment. I have so much on my plate as it is, I just can’t take another to-do thing to do!!

Can you relate?

But then I started thinking.

I’m an Artist. I’m an Art Teacher. I’m living the Creative Juicy Life. How hard can an Art Every Day challenge really be?

So, I’m taking on this challenge for the month of November to become more aware of how art IS a part of my EVERY day life. I’m going to do my darnedest to check in both here and over at Creative Every Day…documenting what and how art has tangled itself into my Creative Juicy Life for that day. Can you dig it?

Why don’t you join me….it’s only art…it’s gonna be fun!

And oh yeah—how did art tangle its way into my life today? I created tomorrow’s Art Journal LOVE…that’s how!

Peace & Love.

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