Don’t Believe


“Don’t Believe What They Say”

This is a recent diddy I created in my beloved Art Journal.

No video for this one. Just me, my thoughts, and the truth of my paint brush.

I’m going to be honest here.

I used to be a huge reader of blogs. Every morning I’d sit down with a long list of my faves and catch up on the daily musings of my bloggy friends and those that I admire. I’d leave comments and even carry on the conversation further sometimes through emails.

But, in March, I took a two-month computer break and left the whole bloggy world behind.

I realized in that time that the world…the bloggy world to be exact…still carried on without me. So, when I decided to return to Dirty Footprints Studio, I dropped my morning bloggy ritual for a running practice instead.

Now, every-so-often I get on those blog surfing kicks again….but the same thing seems to happen, which prompted my bloggy break in the first place—INFORMATION OVERLOAD. And not just information overload…TOO MUCH Creative Juicy ideas, inspiration, self-help-this-&-that, gorgeous images, and fantastic things others are doing. I start to find myself comparing myself to these awesome individuals. I start to pressure myself that I should be doing something else–expressing something else–even sometimes believing something else–just because what I am reading and seeing seems to make such a connection with me.

The problem is that we have too much information at our finger tips. Too much.

I believe it’s necessary, for me at least, to limit what I take in. Even if what I am taking in IS all fantastically Creative Juicy…I still need to limit my intake. It’s kind of like a smoothie. A real fabulous smoothie has just the right combination of ingredients to make a delicious treat. If you throw in all the fruits and veggies you got sitting in the frig–yes, it will be full of nutrients, but no, it won’t make your mouth and your senses come alive like a smoothie should.

So, that’s kind of the story behind this art journal page I posted here. I don’t need to believe all the wonderful ways of living, of creating, of being super-duper-awesome is right for me. I can take in a little–play around with it, meditate on it, and reflect on how it can enhance my own life….but when it comes down to it…my Creative Juicy Life is perfect and precious and worth the time and space to just live it, breathe it, and when I fancy to—share it here with you.

Peace & Love.

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