Great Ideas!!!!

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

There is so much yummy stuff out there on the internet when it comes to art journals, creativity, art, and making pies!!! (Oh, how I could go for some pumpkin pie right about now!!!)

Just yesterday I learned about Whitney Ferre from Creatively Fit from the awesome blog: Lisa’s Art Journal. Whitney created the above video that I highly suggest you check out. She gives us a glimpse into her totally Creative Juicy art journal full of paper weaving and a very sweet mandala. (I’m a huge sucker for mandalas!!!) She also scans around the studio and we get a look at her inspiration board which is a total artist necessity if you ask me….and I love it when she talks about how she screwed up one of her journal pages…but didn’t go nutsy about it…instead, she realized that this was a place she had been before and just worked through it.

Excellent advice for all of us!!!

Peace & Love.

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