Homage to Bad Art


Here is a painting I did this past summer. I consider it bad art. I’m only posting it on here to make a point. But…truth is, it’s been sitting around the studio for awhile, and it’s been growing on me. Maybe one of these days–maybe one of these Art Every Day Month days I’ll do something with it. Breathe a little life into it. (Pun intended!)

These babies are the victims of bad art. They are now a part of the black gesso protection agency. They will one day be LOVEd again, and possibly good enough (in my eyes) to leave the studio and make a life out there on their own….as good art.

Here is a page from my art journal.


What was I thinking?

It has been contaminating my art journal for quite awhile.

Until just recently when I decided to tissue paper over it…and now it’s gonna make a great background to a more heartfelt, fabulous art journal page. Who knows…maybe it will make it onto one of my Art Journal LOVE videos!!!

This is Theo. He believes there is no such thing as bad art.

He believes bad art makes good cushions and he could sleep on an ugly painting all day long.

He also thinks this box makes him look thin.

I raise my paintbrush to you all in a toast:

Here’s to years and years of bad art, creativity gone amuck, and black gesso! For it is through our mistakes and ugliness that we learn what beauty is and what not to do again!

Peace & Love.

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