Intuitive Guidelines


This is a journal entry I created in September at the Creative Dig Workshop.

Monday’s at Dirty Footprints Studio is Art Journal LOVE day…but I’m sorry Lovelies, I decided to take a break from the movie making/Art Journal LOVEn this week. Instead, I will share with you a little Journal LOVE.

Generally, my piles of journals contain a lot of the same thing: me trying to figure things out–me revamping my day, mostly the negative stuff, and trying to make sense–sense of my heart, my mind, my behavior, other’s behavior, this world we share. Writing in my journal brings me great clarity and sense of peace most of the time. But, I started thinking before I wrote in my new purple LOVE journal last night, that I want things to be different with this one. I want it to be even a bit of an experiment. An experiment in what happens if you consciously shift the focus of your attention.

So, as I sat with a cup of green tea and the setting sun, I let my intuition take hold of my pen and what the result was a list of guidelines for me to follow in the relationship with this new journal. Here are the seven guidelines I plan to follow as I fill these upcoming pages. I encourage you to join me in this experiment as well, and if you wish, please copy, print, and paste these in your own journal.

This is another art journal entry I created at Creative Dig during September.


Creative Juicy Journal Guidelines

1. This journal contains stories I tell myself to feel good.

2. This journal contains stories I tell myself that may not be my present reality, but I tell them as if they were, so the Universe will have no mistake on what it is I want. (Did you hear that Universe?!)

3. This journal contains only words of love, kindness, tenderness, and complete, 100% support to all I do, want to do, and dare to dream. This journal does not tolerate any less.

4. This journal is not for documenting any complaining, whining, and/or negative talk. This journal once was a living, growing tree–a tree that gave it’s life for you to write your Creative Juicy Life in. By tarnishing the pages with negative energy is an act of great disrespect and inconsideration to the life it once had and now gives to you. Any words of negativity in these pages will result in further negativity in your own life.

5. This journal requires your sole soul attention at least once a day. Even a few sentences a day will supply you with the necessary nutrients needed to live a happy, well balanced Creative Juicy Life.

6. Remember that each kiss of the pen made on these pages is an intimate act between you and your beloved source in this world. Allow your stories and words to unfold in front of you as your Creative Juicy Life, not as a pure means to spark conversation or fill in as a blog post.

7. Take this journal with you everywhere. You never know when you might need it.

This art journal entry was NOT made at Creative Dig..but rather in October, when I was taking a bloggy break!

I hope you will use these guidelines as part of your own journal writing….if you do post them to your blog though, please be Creative Juicy and give a reference back to Dirty Footprints Studio.

Peace & Love.

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