Mr. Prana


Ok. I know I promised my kiddos work from yesterday’s post HERE….but, sorry….you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow—I couldn’t resist writing this post!

Yesterday one of my darling first graders was so super proud of his drawing above that he danced around the class showing everyone.

Mr. Prana.

Do you know what prana is?

In Yoga it is the word that best describes the life energy that moves us–that breathes through us. Actually in sanskrit the word prana means breath.


Though, I did ask him about his drawing right before I shot a photo of it, and from how he was describing it, I think the word Prana is actually suppose to say “piranha”.

But I like it better this way….and think there is some deep meaning here for all of us. Just not entirely sure what.

Last, while we were having fun drawing in first grade art class….I joined them. Pictured above is one of my diddys—done in crayon, watercolor, construction paper, tissue paper, and tempera paint. We can start classifying this kind of art as a new genre: elementary school mixed media!!!!

Finally….I did some ART for Art Every Day Month!!! Yay!! It felt fabulous!

Peace & Love.

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