What’s Happening in Studio 307


Look closely…these kiddos are using SCRAPPERS!!!

For Art Every Day I thought I’d share a little of what’s happening over in Studio 307–what I affectionately call my classroom in the K-8 school I teach art at!!!

Kids love snowboys and snowgirls!! ESPECIALLY Arizona kids!!!!!!!

These photos show the beginning of winter flags they are creating for the annual Winter Program the Music teacher and I put on each year. She does all the music stuff…and I work on props and costumes with the kiddos. The second grade is singing a song about a winter parade and they will actually be parading through the auditorium holding their adorable snowboy/ snowgirl flags that they started here.

Why start now though–when Tofurky Day is even 2 weeks away of marking the beginning of the holiday craze? Because that’s the part of being an art teacher sometimes. Where I teach I have a crazy schedule where I see one group of kids for 9 straight days, then I don’t see them again until two months later. Yeah. Nutty! So I have to squeeze it in now…I won’t see these kiddos until 2010!! (January, that is!)

The coolest thing is that each flag shows the darling personality and spirit of the young artist at work. Come back to Dirty Footprints Studio tomorrow to see some of the finish pieces…you’ll just melt!

Peace & Love.

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