December Views: 7 AM


I used to practice Yoga every single morning. I used to.

I used to do this for years.

Until 2009.

Then stress started to convince me that sleep was more important. Stress started to convince me that mornings weren’t that special.

Stress lied.

When I think of 2009, my only regret is letting stress convince me of such silly nonsense and then take over the pilot seat.

I know the benefits of discipline and the bliss of an early morning rise. I know when to listen to my body and yes–stay in bed. But stress is a trickster, a hustler, an exquisite con-man. Stress will seduce you with pretty little lies so that you slip further and further from your truth and deeper into darkness.

I woke up at 7AM this morning and gave stress the finger!

It’s a start of a new year. A new journey. I celebrate the small steps and I’m making room for the bigger part of me to take precedence.

Peace & Love.

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