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This beautiful photo is of my friend Darrah from the blog Artcetera taken on her wedding day by the photographer Daniel Sheehan. Isn’t she gorgeous? Doesn’t she look like a Spanish painting? Or even better yet–one of those passionate Flamenco dancers that spin wildly into duende!

I love this photo. It is so very feminine.


Such a pretty word in itself. Very soft and lyrical.

I’ve been thinking alot about femininity. About being a woman. About embracing my body. About exploring the facets of my soul that are pure reflections of being female.

Lately I have been reading about Hindu Goddesses. Admiring women I see in the store or at restaurants that epitomize style–whose hair flows perfectly and pulling off high heels in jeans comes naturally. I’ve become obsessed wondering how long will it take to get my hair shoulder length. I wear lighter hues, instead of always black or grey. I find myself wanting to be softer–allowing myself to be more delicate.

I am encouraging myself to dig deeper into my own femininity. I think it is a part of my soul that I’ve neglected for so long, in pursuits to be what I interpret as strong, courageous, and bold. I have heard my heart whispering, and now I am listening. I ‘m starting to understand, only true strength, courage, and boldness pours from the center of what makes us women–makes us feminine at our core.

Peace & Love.

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