Huge Announcement


My life has been a constant change of plans it seems. Twists in the road. Detours. Heavy areas of construction and rush hour traffic. Maybe that’s why I’ve been obsessed with taking photos from my car–pulling off onto the side of the road, like I did here for December Views, and documenting my physical landscape–that seems to reflect my inner world so perfectly.

Today I had planned a huge announcement. An announcement to go along with my whole Launch A Dream month–here at Dirty Footprints Studio. I was going to tell you how to begin registering for an online course I’ve been working on for months. There was gonna be a party–gonna be a stir. But, like life likes to do–there’s been a change of plans.

You see, the Love of My Life—Hansel, he’s been sick for seven months now. Seven months of different doctors, different advice, different medications and treatments–but still the same old problem. Same old pains and illness. Same old no answers.

Until recently.

We got tired of the same old thing…and started doing our own research, started looking in different places, and started asking different questions, demanding a different perspective. After all this searching, we finally arrived at some real answers, some understanding, some compassionate souls willing to help and listen instead of speaking and thinking that they know more then Hansel knows of his own body.

Now we need to proceed differently, if our dreams are ever going to take flight one day. If our lives together are ever going to be back to normal–or like I’m believing now–even better then it’s ever been. We need a new map, a new way of navigating. We need to rebuild some old structures and find new ways of living.

This takes energy. Dedication. And LOVE like I’ve never known before. This takes trust and faith that everything is going to be better then fine, that the Universe will deliver us abundance, and that there is healing light surrounding us. This takes friendship and patience and prayers and new dreams. This takes time.

I wanted so badly for today to be the day I release my first online course into the world that would begin in January, but I’m not finished. I’m not ready. I’m way behind schedule you could say.

As of now, my dreams for Dirty Footprints Studio are metamorphosing into new form, as Hansel and I proceed on this new journey of our life together.

I can see the mountains ahead, oh yes. But I’m humbled to meet their grandeur. I’m willing to make their acquaintance, to learn from the lessons they will share.

All of this. So very all of this, is what I am building a dream on. Dirty Footprints Studio, in my heart, is about the journey–about feeling the connection to the earth–about releasing my heart into the Universe. This is not about being Creative Juicy anymore…this is about being a radiant beam of LOVE on the road in which I am traveling on.

Peace & Love.

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