It Actually Exists

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

You see this photo? That’s Hansel and I a few years back, sitting watching the Pacific ocean hit the shore of one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. We are just chilling…drinking mango juice and fully enjoying the moment. This is where I began to dream BIG. This is where I knew Dirty Footprints Studio would one day have its home. This is where I finally felt settling down, and living in one place might not be a bad idea. This is where my heart found its rhythm with nature and connection to source. This is where I watched monkeys swing from trees, and wished upon stars from the back of a trucks we hitch hiked on.

Dirty Footprints Studio will have a home here in Costa Rica soon. I’ll offer classes, workshops, and retreats. Fabulous Creative Juicy artists, writers, and yogis will come to share their goodness with the world. And even more fabulous Creative Juicy artists, writers, and yogis will come to renew their love for creativity and be inspired to live a Creative Juicy Life.

When I think of the epitome of my Creative Juicy Life…I see myself as that spirit so alive and relaxed in this photo. I see myself in flip-flops and skirts and constant paint stained hands. I see a community of kindred souls, and friends that stop by just to paint or draw together in an art journal. I see blue morpho butterflies that land on my Dirty Footprints Studio sign out front. I see children’s art work and glasses half full of fresh smoothies.

I meet people from all over the world. Some who just stumble across this oasis of creativity, some who still read my blog and planned their trip. It is a constant mix of old friends and new–of souls traveling together for a retreat from their day-to-day lives, to those that come regularly because they live in the town next to us.

In this Dirty Footprints Studio there are plastic bottles of paint neatly on shelves, canvases stacked against the walls, tables out in the back under huge palm trees, and a closet full of easels for trips down to the ocean. There is a room all of its own, with bamboo floors, and open windows where an occasional lizard might sit. This room is where I do Yoga each morning and in the evening as the sun sets. This room is always full of peace from the Lovelies that practice there as well.

This is my dream. Even though I write this from my second floor apartment in Phoenix, Arizona…..I can feel the tropical breeze as it enters the room. I can hear the animals of the rainforest sing and follow their day. I can see the ocean from my window.

I am learning more and more each day that all you need to begin with in this world is a dream. Just start with a dream…and believe it…and build on it…see it…even when it’s not there. And when you’re really ready–declare it, share it, and tell the world all about it. Then, right before you lay your head down to go to sleep….confess to the Universe how grateful you are for it–right now, as it already exists.

Because Lovelies, anything that exists as a dream in your heart….

actually exists.

Peace & Love.




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