Launching A Dream


Sunday I wrote a post called Change of Plans where I talked about letting go of control and finding joy in what the Universe has planned for me. Easier said then done, huh? Not really, once you start trusting…start having faith…start believing that little voice inside your heart that leads you always in the right direction…always towards joy and balance and LOVE.

My life has made some beautiful twists and turns in the past few months. Well, ever since summer, when I officially declared I would live a Creative Juicy Life and document it here, things started getting interesting.

Honestly, Dirty Footprints Studio has been more to me then just a blog for quite awhile now. It’s a dream–an intention–a mission I have decided to make my life’s work. For those of you that have been friends of Dirty Footprints Studio blog from the beginning know that my plan is to create this dream into a reality all tucked inside the rainforest of Costa Rica one day. And, thanks to the beautiful twists of the Universe, it looks like that reality will be appearing sooner then I thought…but until then, why wait!?!?! Why wait till our home is built? Why wait till we get things all in order? Dirty Footprints Studio can exist now–right here! Heck, it already does!

This past September I was a recipient of a scholarship that made it possible for me to work with the amazing business coach Jennifer Moore of Pink Heels. For ten weeks, Jennifer pushed me out of my comfort zone, taught me loads of valuable information about starting a business that has heart, integrity, and a real chance for survival, while helping me create a clear and honest vision of what I want Dirty Footprints Studio to look and feel like in my life and how it will take form in this Big Beautiful World as well.

So, you see, December is not a reflection block for me to look back on the year gone by. Noway! I am officially declaring December as my month for launching a dream! A totally Creative Juicy dream! One that will feel like rocket fuel once 2010 shows its face!

As part of this new beginning I am joining my friend Darlene over at the blog Hippy Urban Girl in her month long project called December Views. For Darlene, she will be posting photos taken from her daily life through out the month of December on her blog…refraining from any written word. Purely visual. Darlene is an incredible photographer and I can’t wait to see what unfolds. For myself, I will still be writing, but I plan to use this opportunity and community of support to document this month I am calling a Launching of a Dream through photos. I am vowing to keep my camera with me through the month of December and shoot what tickles my fancy—but more then that, I long to create an honest look into my life right now! For these moments are fleeting into something magical, mysterious, and Creative Juicy beyond belief.

I hope you will join me in launching a dream!

Peace & Love.

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