Sometimes it’s just hard.

Sometimes it’s just hard to be the caregiver. To see the one you love in pain, falling apart, and not the person you once knew.

Sometimes it’s hard to give your love unconditionally or to be patient and understanding.

Sometimes it’s hard not to be selfish or to try to be still in the present, when you feel like you’re standing on a roller coaster.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am prepared for all of this. That these are the moments I can practice the truest of Yoga, and maybe–MAYBE ascend my own ego in the process.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that everything in life is a gift.

The ones I love. The ones who love me.

Love itself and the evolution it is under.

The laughter, the pain, the way things are.

The way things can be, and all the moments in between.

Peace & Love.

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