Commitment, Trust, & Truth


I take my camera everywhere with me now….and this photo was created due to my clumsiness! I like it–because it is what it is! Kind of fun!

Woke up this morning with tight hamstrings and sore triceps…kind of figured this might happen after my New Year’s Day 108 sun salutations. But what is interesting is my relationship to the tight hamstrings and triceps.

I set my alarm clock early so I could make it to my Saturday morning Yoga class. Right away I noticed the stiffness in my body…and instantly I hit the snooze…making a million excuses for myself to miss my Yoga class.

It’s Saturday–I can miss a class.

It’s the new year–I can give myself a little holiday.

I can go later–or just do it from home.

I did 108 sun salutations yesterday–I don’t have to go.

I need to sleep–sleep is very important.

I can just miss today–I’ll make up for it.

But as I pulled the covers over my head I remembered that this practice and this journey for me is about commitment, trust, and truth.

I’m going to say that one more time so I make it stick to my brain:


So, I tried to change my excuses into positive motivation.

I can go to class–child’s pose is always available to me if I need to rest.

I can go to class–it’s not a competition of how much I do or how far I push myself.

If I don’t go to class–sure, no one will care–but I will–I’ll know.

If I go to class–the gentle stretching will loosen my muscles & make me feel better.

What is important is that I commit & show up–not that I do another 108 sun salutations or even do any at all!

I made it to class.

The teacher, who I love and adore, spoke about new year’s intentions, resolutions, and goals. This one student spoke about a few months before new year’s he decided to set the intention that he would start to intensify his Yoga practice. He set a list of goals, and created a plan on how to achieve this. All was well and dandy, until his car broke down–which then became a huge problem for him to follow through in his plans. His intention to intensify his practice fell apart from there. He said that at first this pissed him off, but in reality, it became a good thing, because he was pushing himself way beyond what his body could take.

I like that little story. I like how the Universe always takes care of us. Throws us major detours when it sees we’re heading down the wrong path. I took this as an oracle reminding me to TRUST.

My class went well. I was very gentle with my body–using props instead of the ego to help guide me in certain postures. I didn’t go as deep into my warrior pose as I usually would–and it was actually exciting to me–like doing something different!

What I loved the most though about today’s practice is that I showed up. I stayed committed and, while I was on the mat, I stayed honest with myself, and where my body was at this exact moment. I think years ago I would have pushed right through–ignoring what my body was saying to me, in exchange to fulfill my ego’s need to get somewhere. But for now, I’m committed to shedding those old habits and mind traps…I’m interested in learning who I am–under the tight hamstrings and sore triceps.

Peace & Love.

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