Day 30! Day 30! Day 30!! Day 30!!!!

Poor Nyla…she hates wearing my little make-shift night gown….but she looks so dang cute that I can’t resist.
Before I was sugar-free, I never dressed Nyla up in random clothes or costumes. Now it’s day 30 of my sugar-free journey and I find myself doing things way out of character.
Like waking up with my alarm clock instead of hitting snooze ten times.
Like thinking more positive thoughts about my day, my dreams, my life.
Like putting sincere effort into acting on those positive thoughts then letting them hang around.
Like strolling past the candy bins at the grocery store without picking up some chocolate somethin’somethin’ and being ok with that.
Like not wanting to eat out anymore.
Like planning on signing up for a gym membership.
Like dressing my dog in oversized t-shirts and sometimes hats.
If I can do it. So can you.
And lookie….Ellen Degeneres is doing it too HERE.
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