Just Be Kind

From eighth grade in the morning…

To kindergartners at the end of the day…this is my life…for now…for somehow- someway always.
Teaching has taught me to be patient.
Teaching has taught me to be a good listener..especially to those that speak the least.
Teaching has taught me that even though many things may make us similar, such as
skin color,
being a part of the same daily routine–
We are each more different, then we are the same.
And teaching has taught me, over and over again,
to be kind.
To just be kind. No matter what. No matter when.
No matter how you have to figure yourself out,
to find the courage-
to let go of pride-
to turn the other cheek-
To put your own insecurities aside.
Teaching has taught me, in the biggest of ways,
that at the end of the day,
the only thing that matters is if
you were kind.
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