An Art Journal LOVE Confession

This weekend I was nursing a nasty head cold…..and I had to throw in a little Art Journal LOVE to help me heal and feel better!
I’m a huge, HUGE fan of the site. There is so much Creative Juicy fun happening over there…and for this month, Leslie, the leader of this great network, is hosting an Art Journaling challenge. Each day she presents a new prompt to get you jumping into your Art Journal! Lots of people have been creating beautiful pages and sharing in conversation about it. Fun stuff!!
But I have a confession. I’ve been struggling with the challenge. We are already 15 days into March and I’ve only completed one of the prompts: Blue.
It’s not that the prompts aren’t interesting or anything….it’s more or less about me….and how I usually stray from being told what to do. Yeah, even with something so simple as a one or two word prompt!
So, this weekend, when I sat down with my Art Journal between slices of sunshine, I decided to art journal about prompts…and basically my resistance to them. I’m really happy with how it turned out!
And that’s the beautiful thing about Art Journaling. Everyone has their own approach, their own Art Journal LOVE relationship. You might eat up prompts like I eat guacamole! And it’s all good!
(PS–Tomorrow I’ll let you in on how I made that fun raised patterned texture in my journal page! See you then!!)
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