I am a Blogger Too

Last week my friend Elena Rego wrote this beautiful post called I’m A Blogger. She also posted the gorgeous photograph from above as well. But ever since I read her post—I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
So, I want to say that I’m a Blogger too!! And maybe you are as well, and want to join us by just stating it out loud!
But what does that mean? I have to believe that it’s like painting, or Art Journaling or a recipe for a delicious curry–that everyone’s definition of what it takes or means to be a blogger is quite different.
Truth is, I’ve been a blogger for quite a long time. Dirty Footprints Studio is going on almost two years, and before this I had a couple other blogs that lasted a year or so. Ok, so maybe it hasn’t been a super long time, but in Connie Land–commitment to something that long is definitely quite a feat.
But what does it mean to me to be a Blogger? How does blogging show up in my own life?
Well, I noticed that since I’ve dived full heartedly into my blogging practice, that I don’t write in my actual journal as much as I used to. I think that’s a good thing actually. I found a new way–an exciting and fresh way to express myself through blogging that involves not only my words–but images. And the thing that’s kind of neat as well, is that everytime I step out on a limb and make myself vulnerable with honesty, I get a tsunami of LOVE and support thrown right back at me…and emails from kindred souls expressing their gratitude.
Through blogging…I get connection. Sure–with wonderful souls that stop by to read my ramblings..but more importantly with myself. Being a blogger has forced me to be more honest with myself. To have deeper integrity to my word. To hold myself accountable even.
The thing too, as I grow deeper into my own blogging practice, I notice that I have begun to actually pull away from reading blogs like crazy as well. Don’t get me wrong….I have my large handful of blogs that I am very loyal too, a small smudgin of blogs I check on occasion, and a couple acquaintances I bump into from time to time. And this works for me.
I’ll be honest, if I lose myself in blog hopping, I start to compare myself to the things I see and read…start to wonder why aren’t I to that level…or why am I not doing that. When, it’s all a bunch of fru-fru-smoo-ga-bun to me. I know what my life is about. I know what makes me happy–what gets me to fall to pieces–and I’m learning again and again what it takes to keep a sweet balance…..and honestly, the things that go through my mind–that make me tick–that keep me walking forward into that oasis of LOVE waiting for me in Costa Rica–I can’t find the answers anywhere but here in my own heart. My own words. My own struggles and my own Art ventures. If I get caught up in other Blogger’s wonderful Creative Juicy lives too much I tend to get lost in my own.
So I am a Blogger, and this is my little space called Dirty Footprints Studio. I like to open it up and share it with you…and I don’t try to follow a recipe or read up on how to lasso in followers. I am a Blogger, and for me that means I put my heart, art, and mind up on a screen. I am a Blogger, and that means I have deep friendships with Lovelies that I’ve never seen in person–but feel I know them all the same. I am a Blogger, and that means my dreams are not just something I whisper in prayers at night–they’re something I throw to the Universe for the whole world to see.
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