Learning To Be Still

Morning is simply my favorite part of the day. Especially now–when it’s sunny out the second I rise.
Instead of rolling out my Yoga mat or picking up my paintbrush–I’ve been sitting lately by the window. Letting the sun bathe me and the birds serenade me.
Just sitting. Sipping hot water with lemon, sometimes with a little something to eat.
I want to hold onto this feeling forever. Merge it into my busy day. I want mornings to never change–always stay this way.
And then my mind will start to wander. Start to kill the moment of pure peace and serenity.
I begin to think that in an hour I must be in the car, in a few days I must have such paperwork finished and turned in, in a month I must be ready for summer break, in August I’ll be starting my new part time job, then where will these mornings go. They’ll begin to slip away from me.
Then I look at the clock, and notice the sun has found it’s place at the top of the blue sky. I have to begin the rest of my day, and sadly I just traded this beautiful morning for a mental roller coaster ride –all the soft sunshine……I just let it pass me by.
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