Dear Friends of Dirty Footprints Studio,
I desperately need your help. At first, I wasn’t going to mention this online, because I didn’t want to embarrass Hansel…but after great thought…..I realized that it is not our fault…and we have nothing to be embarrassed of….instead, we like many of you I’m sure….live with a trusting, open heart and believe that others do as well.
Last night Hansel and I went dancing. Yep–salsa dancing at some friends house. When we got home we were so high off of dancing bliss that for the FIRST TIME EVER Hansel forgot his camera and tri-pod in the back of our car.
That is why we were so horribly disappointed and hurt to wake up this morning to learn that some bozo broke into our car purposely to steal Hansel’s camera and tripod. Now–because of a high deductible on our insurance Hansel is out of a camera and we are forced to pay $250 to fix our window.
I have been a mess about this all day.
Honestly, I don’t care about the freaking window. What breaks my heart is that Hansel lost his beloved camera.
Just a few months ago Hansel too made a decision that it was time to start following his heart and take his passions more seriously. He worked extra hard and also sold some prized possession so he could purchase THIS CAMERA and a new laptop to begin his journey into studying Photography. This was a huge deal to Hansel and photography is something that he LOVES and ADORES…possibly as much if not more then he LOVES and adores me!!!
Dear, dear, dear friends of Dirty Footprints Studio…I’m desperate for your help. Could you please chip in to help Hansel buy another camera to follow his dreams. I know I’m really going out on a limb here…but if you are a regular here at Dirty Footprints Studio you can go through many of my posts and see the tons of photos Hansel takes. HE IS AWESOME!!
Here’s the thing…..I am going to give away THREE GIFTS to THREE generous individuals that help chip in. It doesn’t matter if you chip in $1 or a $100–after you chip in please leave a comment below saying you did and your name will be entered into a raffle. If you are one of the three lucky winners you may choose between the gifts below:
1. FREE Registration to Art Journal LOVE Letters
2. A Little LOVELY found in my Etsy Shop HERE
3. A Little LOVELY commission like the one I created HERE
All you need to do is hit the Chip In Button below and donate what you can. After you do so please leave a comment stating you did–and you will be entered into the raffle. I will be choosing names on Saturday, June 4th—unless we hit $400 sooner–I will choose then.
Anything you can do to help would mean the world to us….including blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking about this raffle to your friends.
I thank you from the bottom of my Creative Juicy heart.
Big hugs,
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