Lessons On Painting

Don’t ask!! I was just being silly!
Why do I spend so much time in the future?
Seriously, it’s starting to get on my nerves. Getting a bit boring as well.
I have sooooo much to do before school is over , and I can’t get my mind off of what projects I want to be working on this summer, this fall, this winter, and even all the way through the beginning of next summer as well. When, truth is, what I should be doing NOW is falling by the way side.
Wow, I think I’ve never used the term “way side” before. Is it one word or two?
Do you see what I mean? I think I just got it.
I like to distract myself from the present moment–by throwing myself whole heartedly into the future–or into chitter chatter about something entirely different–like the word wayside. (I tried spelling it as one word this time.)
According to my beloved Mooji, he says the future and past are nothing but a waste of time.
Very true.
It’s just a matter of me beginning to really practice that–and fully understanding it.
That’s where painting comes in. Seriously. When I paint–I’m right there in that moment. I let go of any ideas of what it might look like later–and what it looked like when it began usually gets painted over by a shade of violet or blue anyways!
Awww, painting…….where would I be without you!?!?!
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