Wishcasting Wednesday LOVE: Nourish

Photo taken by my beloved Hansel.
Miss Jamie Awesome, how do you always ask, week after week, the right question that hits directly home? How did you inherit these magical Wishcasting powers?
This week, Miss Jamie Awesome asked what do you wish to nourish?
That is exactly what I have been thinking about. Ever since I decided to go part time next school year at work–and declared to the Universe that I was putting all my heart and energy into Dirty Footprints Studio, the flood gates opened. Now I find myself doing exactly what I intended—I have my new online workshop BIG filling up fast, Art Journal LOVE Letters is still jumping full of energy, there are up coming workshops and retreats happening, and I keep getting painting commissions!! I am swimming and dancing in a sea of total Creative Juiciness and my gratitude is overwhelming.
But, I know myself. I’ve been here, in a sense, before. Last summer to be exact. And I know what can happen if I don’t intercept now.
I can get so lost in this sea of Creative Juiciness nourishing my creativity–other’s creativity–and all these beautiful, baby projects of creativity—that I forget the most important thing: to nourish Creative Juicy me.
I find it happening already. I miss meals, I put off my Yoga practice, and I don’t take as long of walks in nature as I used to.
So, the fact that Miss Jamie Awesome brought up nourish as her focus of the week…I’m taking it to heart that this is the Universe speaking to me in a BIG way. I need to remind myself something I kept yakkin’ about before summer started—and that is “I’m interested in making a life…not a living.” A life–and at the core of that life is nourishment–of my soul, my body, my relationships, my home, my creativity. I need to keep the core strong and healthy–for me to nourish others through Dirty Footprints Studio. I know this. I know this.
I know this.
I just need to follow it to heart.
So this week…it’s not even a wish…it’s a plan, an agenda, a manifesto for my own Creative Juiciness. I will nourish myself….and then share from a center of strength and pure gratitude for this Life we all share.

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