FEARLESS Painting Again


It’s been awhile it feels like since I’ve made a FEARLESS Painting video!! I’ve been so enthralled with this July of Art Journal LOVE!!! But–I’m still FEARLESS Painting–and enjoying and totally being inspired by the FEARLESS Painters in my online workshop BIG.

Here is my latest FEARLESS Painting….it was a commission by a Lovely woman named Tami.

The thing about this commission is that instead of Tami telling me what to paint–she gave me an intention to hold in my heart and mind as I FEARLESSly had at it!!

Tami, in her intention, spoke to me about this period she is in her life right now—a huge transition–as she prepares for her youngest to leave home–as her days and time will become more focused on and for herself.


I found it so appropriate–I really connected, even though I am not a mother myself and can not even begin to imagine what Tami must really be going through….I understand the beauty, excitement, and anxiety that arises in this time of transition.

I feel it too.

And something about creating this painting was so healing and releasing for me.

I hope it is for Tami as well.

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