What I LOVE About Art Journaling

I have to admit—this month I have been Art Journaling a whole lot!!!
My goal as I have been Art Journaling is to try to move out of my comfort level.
I’ve been doing this in two ways.
(1.) By trying approaches/techniques in my Art Journal that I don’t normally do and see how that inspires me. This journal page I just recently did is a great example of that. I began the whole journey of it by collaging different pieces of paper onto the surface. If you look closely you can see the edges a little bit–and you can also see the patterns bleed through.
Beginning this way was fun I found out. And even though I covered most of it with paint anyways, if was like driving a different route home.
It broke up the usual routine.

The second way I’ve been challenging myself is by being compassionate with the ugly.
Sounds ridiculous, I know.
But what I mean is that when things start to turn ugly like they did in the last Art Journal spread I posted HERE–I let it be for awhile.
I walk away.
Enjoy a smoothie.
Sleep on it.

What I’ve learned is that when I come back,
Things go in a different direction.
Ideas come to me out of nowhere
that seem to do the trick.
I like that.
I like that through the act of Art Journaling itself, we can practice and prepare ourselves
to be comfortable with dealing with things out of our comfort zone.
We can take a different approach and practice “controlling less and floating more”–
We can be compassionate with the ugly parts of ourselves–our Lives.
I LOVE that about Art Journaling.
I really do.
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