LIFE–In All Capital Letters!

Please excuse the lousy photographs….it’s just I was so dang excited to share–that I shot them in my kitchen at 11:30 at night!!
I’m writing this now (Wednesday night), after getting home from an impromptu roadtrip with my honey Hansel!
Honestly, I had a million and two things I should have been doing…but Hansel had a surprise day off…and well, both of us have been working super hard….and how could we resist!?!?
Where did we go? Well, Sedona of course!!! And like usual Sedona style—I came back feeling way better then before I left—even though I am covered in bug bites and have one swankin’ farmers tan!!
(Seriously, everyone should have a Sedona just an hour and a half away!! I think the world would be a better place if we focused on cloning Sedonas for everyone!!! Let’s start a committee!)

But here’s the thing…..why I’m so jazzed up…so feeling energized and A-L-I-V-E……everyone needs a break.
Yep, that’s it. Silly. I know. But even more then that…on this little break from everything–and I mean everything–no cell phones–no computers–no pesky internet–we didn’t even go out to eat–we brought a picnic!!
I spent my day in a lawn chair sketching and writing in my journal as Hansel snapped, snapped away on his camera!! And I’ll tell you, I came back a new woman. With a new perspective, and a new idea on Life.
The truth is…..I’ve been working too hard. Now, here’s the trap–I LOVE, like super duper-with all my heart–LOVE what I work on…so how would I have known that I’ve been working too hard?!?! Right?
♥I knew the second I sat down and looked at one of the most magnificent views in Arizona.
♥I knew when I sat for hours playing—purely playing in my sketchbook–experimenting with something new (india ink and watercolor)–just for the heck of it–the pure fun of it.
♥I knew the second I picked up my pen and started writing free verse in my journal–no holding back–just letting it all come out–and even from places I had no idea where brewing inside me.
♥I knew when I took a walk on the trail and got goosebumps from the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.
♥I knew when I sparked up a conversation with a group of strangers–and left so much better because I did.
♥I knew when I realized that I was totally disconnected–that I had nowhere to be–no one to meet—no one to talk to–nothing to do–but just simply, purely, gloriously be.
I learned today… such a huge, massive, unbelievable way—that THE TIME WE TAKE FOR OURSELVES IS SACRED.
Please, let me repeat that:
Listen, I got it all screwed up before…you know, all that talk I’ve said about “making a Life and not a living”.
It’s all wrong. I learned that today–BIG TIME!
I no longer want to make a Life….I want to be LIFE.
End of story.
Or wait, I mean just the beginning!
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