Taking A Breather

Right now the weather in Arizona is still in the triple digits.
But the agony of the inferno is made up by the gorgeous sunsets that dance outside my window every night.

These two photos above were taken by me, not my beloved Hansel.
And I took them with a little snap and shoot–
That’s how amazing the monsoon magic is!
Also—Less Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio has been painting the most amazing cloud studies as well
–they are so amazing that I had to purchase one for myself!!
Go HERE to see what I mean.

I LOVE this journal spread above. It was created by a very talented and dear to my heart Artist named Lynna. She just gave her blog a total face lift and wrote a beautiful tribute to Dirty Footprints Studio HERE. Please stop by and say hello!

A very lovely soul by the name of Theresa Cole interviewed me for her blog The Creative Well. It was really fun to answer her questions and share with her and her readers. Please be sure to stop by her colorful blog HERE and say hello also!

I’m very touched and honored that Dirty Footprints Studio has been listed as one of the top 45 Art Therapy blogs by Blogging Awards & Medical Billing and Coding. I’m really excited to be listed with some of my favorite blogs such as: Creative Every Day, Creative Juices Arts, and Fire Tree Studio. You have to go check out the list of winners HERE–so many great blogs to check out!!

BIG has sold out for the second time and just opened up this past Monday. All the current FEARLESS Painters are getting prepared and knowing one another! BIG officially begins this Sunday, and I can’t wait to share the joys and challenges of painting FEARLESS with this new Tribe! If you are interested in being part of a future Tribe, please sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter HERE to be the first to know when registration opens up again in October!!

Not only is BIG opening up again in October but I will be doing some traveling and sharing the Dirty Footprints Studio LOVE that month as well!! I am so excited!! I will be in Austin, Texas on Friday, October 15 to Saturday, October 16!! I have been invited to be one of the key note speakers at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree. I’ll be there speaking about how “Painting Made Me Quit My Job”–but even more, I’ll be there soaking in all the juicy knowledge, experience, and joy from many of the other speakers and participants that will be there as well. I would LOVE for you to join me in the fun. Please go HERE to check it out and to register!!
Also in October I will be co-hosting a day long workshop–that is going to feel more like a FEARLESS funshop—called Creative Balance. It’s happening in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, October 23rd and it’s going to be a day of balancing your creativity between your heart and mind!! Please go HERE to check it out and to register—there’s an early bird special happening until October 1st!!

One of the main facets of Yoga is becoming more self aware.

Understanding and knowing oneself.
But even more–honoring and respecting oneself as a human being–who gets tired, gets sick, stumbles, and sometimes needs to take a breather.
All of a sudden my dear friends, I’ve gotten sick.
I’m not feeling so well and I’m taking this as a huge clue that I need to take a break–
I need to slow down for a few moments. I need to rest.
So Dirty Footprints Studio is taking a little breather.
I will still be hanging out and sharing the LOVE over at BIG, The Tribe, & of course my beloved Art Journal LOVE Letters. But I won’t be here at Dirty Footprints Studio for a week so that I can get myself feeling much better and rest.
Thank you for understanding and for your warm wishes…..
I’ll see you back here again on Wednesday, September 1st!!
We’ll ring in a new month together fully rested and energized!

Until then, I want to remind you how important it is to turn the computer off and MAKE ART.
{Or simply just get some rest.}

Have a beautiful week my friends. See you September 1st.
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