I got to celebrate my very first Boss’s Day this year yesterday!!! Wahoo!!

Cause you know…I am my own boss now!

And what a better way to celebrate then with an amazing group of inspiring entrepreneurs!!

Here I am with one of my definite heros: Barbara Winter.

Such an incredibly wise, sassy, humorous, and loving soul. I think she’s so the cat’s meow!

And one of my favorite, favorite quotes from her speech was:

No one’s had exactly your life – use it to create a natural monopoly.


And then it was so great to hang out with my dear friend Sandy Dempsey of the Dreaming Cafe.
I can’t thank her enough….she is always so supportive and loving to me–
and one of my biggest cheerleaders!
Thanks Sandy!!!
Plus, the first time Sandy and I met was when she attended my workshop Creative Dig last year–and this year–she was FEARLESS Painting like a pro!! It was awesome!

Then one of the sweetest treats of the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree was the opportunity to meet and hang out with a blogger I absolutely admire and respect:
Mr. Mildly Creative himself: Ken Robert.


Don’t let his “mild” manner fool you!! This guy is a lot of fun!!

And…be ready…he’s got some awesome things planned for the future as well. I can’t wait!

Plus—he got his FEARLESS painting on!!

Along with many others…

I showed you a couple days ago HERE how I packed up a load of paints, brushes, palettes, and vellum bristol and headed on to the airport! Each bottle of paint was contained in it’s own ziplock bag–and lucky enough–I only had one minor explosion.


But no biggie.

Everyone that participated (and I had some repeat performers—I hosted this FEARLESS Painting event twice this weekend) was so open to the FEARLESS Painting Process. I LOVED it–and LOVED how the energy just shifted once we started slapping paint around.
More boss’s need a painting party on Boss’s Day!!


I have to tell you….I just feel so lucky.

So LOVED. So very supported–

by amazing individuals–

and the incredible Universe itself.


There is never a moment that I do not appreciate this beautiful Creative Juicy Life I lead.



That I am not grateful for the soulful, wise, and deeply open people that I meet on this journey.


And listen…after this spectacular weekend…

I’m seriously….SERIOUSLY…..ready to knock things up a notch.

It’s time. Time to truly be FEARLESS!

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