FEARLESS Painting My Clouds Away


All week I have been nursing a pretty dang nasty cold. And, even when I’m sick–I still want to create but I have to tell myself to rest.

Though, what happened, is that early on in the week–before the real nasty part of the cold took over– I woke up feeling a bit cloudy in the head–to put it nicely.

A tad depressed–but I couldn’t figure out why.

I couldn’t grasp what was the catalyst even.

Do you ever have those days?

Sure, I could easily find a handful of reasons to blame my mental mood on:

-I just did a lot of traveling

-the full moon

-the season’s changing

-I’m sick.

But all I knew is that I couldn’t have a mental storm start rolling in as I was trying to fight a nasty cold.

So you know what helped?

My FEARLESS Painting Process.

I threw my big watercolor sketch book down on the studio floor and pulled out the first few paints that were calling to me. My mind was against choosing red from the get-go, but I know that part of the FEARLESS Painting Process is trusting that little voice inside me. So I squirted mostly globs of reds and a few soft blues onto my palette.

Through sneezing, weezing, and coughing I asked the painting to help me understand why I was feeling this way. What could FEARLESS Painting tell me about my mental state–and help give me some clarity.

And the painting in the photo above is what I got.

Now do I feel totally exposed and a bit vulnerable showing you this?

Hell yeah!

(pun sort of intended!)

But.. there was a great understanding that came over me once I released this painting. It didn’t take my congestion and runny nose away–but the black cloud that was moving in on me dissipated and let the sun back in. I could rest deeper.

Do I know what this painting is about?

Ummm…a little. But I’m not going to try to figure it out right now. It doesn’t matter.

FEARLESS Painting heals me on so many levels…and I bet somewhat it eased my cold as well.

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