FEARLESS We Paint: Guest Post By Nikki Gamon


In the zone. In the groove. Totally in the moment. That amazing place where I am so absorbed in what I am doing that everything else falls away and I lose track of time. I LOVE that feeling! Slipping into that zone is one of the reasons I love to make art – it’s one activity that leads me to that elusive, wonderful place. Until recently however, falling into the zone was somewhat hit or miss for me. Creating could make it happen, but didn’t always make it happen. But now I’ve found the key, the switch, the magic word: BE FEARLESS!
For me, it’s painting. I was at Artfest 2010 when I figured it out. There I was, happily painting and doodling away in Traci Bautista’s class and I slipped right into the zone. Awesome. And then it happened again the next day in Lynne Perella’s class. I felt like a master DJ as I stood at my table, totally lost in my painting. I felt strong and confident. I didn’t know where my painting was going, but I knew my materials and each step came easily to me as I mixed it all up.

OK, so someone’s telling me I’m supposed to paint! And I did putter around with paint here and there, but couldn’t find that zone again. In August, I signed up for BIG, hoping to figure out that painting/zone connection. With encouragement from the amazing Connie and my other classmates, I gently pushed aside the fear and doubt that so frequently accompany my creative efforts and stepped confidently into painting. I didn’t know where my painting was going but it didn’t matter. I slipped into that blissful zone. I felt strong, confident, fearless. And now that I’ve found my courage, my fearlessness, I can find that zone. I know how to unlock that door.

Have you ever tried learning a new dance step and felt like you had 3 left feet? And then, just for a second, while you are laughing at yourself, you relax and suddenly you’re dancing? It’s like that, you see. If you can relax and laugh at yourself a little, if you can turn down the volume on those oh-so-serious voices telling you that you’re not good enough, your work is trite, blah, blah, blah, if you can be brave, even for just a minute, then you can find your fearlessness and slip into the zone. And of course, it doesn’t have to be painting. Maybe it’s another creative medium. Maybe it’s mountain climbing or learning a language or writing a novel. Maybe it’s as simple as giving yourself a much needed break from the holiday whirlwind. Whatever it is that’s calling you, step into it with courage and confidence. Go for it. Leave your fears in another room for a minute (tell them you’ll be right back). Be FEARLESS. I’ll be over here sending you positive energy from the zone.



I am a mixed media artist in LOVE with color, texture, words, sunshine, flowers, books, fabric, embroidery, embellishment, raspberries, my cat Pistol, art journaling, creating, cool grass between my toes, tank tops, pizza and tons of other things.


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