FEARLESS We Paint: Guest Post By Tracie Hanson


My Future Looks BIG

Just last week, I was moving around the art work in our home and pulled my very first painting off the wall. On the back, was written the date I had completed the painting.

I was genuinely shocked when I realized it was just over a year ago! So much has happened since then.

That first painting, a 3‘X4’ acrylic on canvas, is seen below. Painting “Thalia Finds Home” was a true labor of love that took me much time to complete.

I knew I’d found a passion and joy in painting that I’d never known before. My journey had begun.

Over the following months, I painted often, experimenting on smaller surfaces and large rolls of un-stretched canvas.

Along the way, I learned that I’m drawn to a bright color palette, am primarily inclined to paint culturally diverse women, and that “scrubbing” is my natural brush stroke.

Yet, I longed for company on my new path – a sisterhood of fellow artists. I desired a bit of structure and guidance as well.

My search led me to “BIG” and Connie’s “Fearless Painting Tribe”.

During “BIG”, Connie explained her fearless and intuitive painting approach, a concept new to me. I came to understand that she was speaking of more than painting.

This was a lifestyle, a mind set. It touched me deeply and I wanted more of it. I’d found home.

Paintings began pouring out of me. They came quickly and without thought of a “finished product”.

I could do this for no other reason than the joy and depth it brought to my life. Freedom!

Large paintings, medium paintings. BIG paintings!

Paintings on paper, paintings on canvas, paintings in sketchbooks, paintings on WALLS!

(okay, I have a wall I’m going to paint – soon)!

My life has truly taken a new direction since discovering “Fearless Painting”. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been thinking about the new year quickly approaching.

I’ve written down a few goals, some dreams, some wishes.

I laughed when I realized that compared to last year, nearly all of those goals and dreams have to do with art making and with sharing that passion with others.

My life has become a canvas of sorts, and I intend on boldly painting it with broad strokes of color!




It’s been a long route to becoming an artist – stints in archaeology, geology, banking, gallery co-owning, television advertising and real estate make one either a person of varied interests ….

or one lacking in focus and direction. I prefer to think I’m just a bit “colorful”!

Married to the long awaited love of my life, Derek, we bounce between sunny Southern California and foggy Northern Cal

with my hubby’s two mid-sized growing “art goddesses” and a dog named “Flea”.

They are all teaching me much about art making and living juicy!

Come join the Tribe of FEARLESS Painters!!

BIG is currently on sale HERE! Starts January 9, 2011–ring in the New Year BIG!

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