Into The Unknown I Go Again


By the time you read this I will already be in Oakland, California at the Wild Heart Painting Retreat with the wonderful Glitter Mama herself: Chris Zydel. This is my second time attending her fantastic retreat this year. I’m leaving my laptop at home and taking only a few changes of clothes, my journal, my camera, and a good book. Oh yeah–and can’t forget my toothbrush!!

I’m considering this weekend the official start to my December Soulful Hiatus…and who knows if life as I know it will ever be the same once I return. The last time I attended the Wild Heart Painting Retreat I came home and decided it was time to quit my job and start living my dreams. Now–nine months later, I can only wonder what my Muse has in store for me this time.

Most of all I am looking forward to completely disconnecting from technology and fully immersing myself into paint, creativity, and the beautiful unknown that lies ahead. And of course lots of Glitter Mama Lovin’ too!!

I encourage you to completely disconnect from technology and the world.

Take some time to smother yourself in what makes your spirit soar.

Stop what you’re doing and fill your soul with LOVE.

Surround yourself with beauty.

Sink into silence.

And remember what the essence of this life is for.

To be. To be. To be.

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