Belly LOVE: being Wild, being Free


The whole reason why I decided to get dreadlocks in October is because I knew they would feel like me. That also–in someway–they would possess magical powers–they would infuse my intentions for my life into a daily reminder of who I am–or who I believe myself to be–when I dive down deep into the core of my own belly.

And for the last four months I’ve kept them tied up–pushed back–and sometimes even sprouting like a tree on the top of my head. I rarely let them down…I rarely let them simply be wild and free.

Though this past Friday I visited my loctician for her to tidy them up and make them look pretty–when she recommended that I let them down more often–that all the pushing and pulling was making my roots skinny and weak.

Now call me over sentimental–but I live my life like my dreads are one big metaphor…and when I learn that all the pushing and pulling has caused my foundation–my roots to become frail..well believe you me I take heed….

But how come we’re never told the answer to a strong foundation lies in letting go?

Why do we waste all our time pushing and pulling?

Instead of just being wild-


by simply being free?


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