21 SECRETS :: Jane Davenport


Drawing Happy

“I Can’t Draw!” is a lament I hear so often (that’s why stamps are so popular, right!). Listen to me…if cavemen could draw, then you, who has mastered an ipod, microwave and email can do this! As a professional artist who creates artwork drawn from my imagination every day, I still have to find my way into the work. I have a bunch of tricks and tool recommendations that will warm you up, help open the floodgates to your imagination and your natural drawing style. Art, just like life, doesn’t have to be ‘serious’ to be meaningful!

Jane Davenport is an internationally awarded artist, author and gallery owner. Her exquisite art is fervently collected by gentle souls around the world. ‘Artomology’ is the word Jane created to describe her unique mix of photographic art and entomological persuasions (which is fancy way of saying she likes looking at butterflies & ladybugs!). Artomology has since evolved to encompass all manner of quirky painting, drawing and video, all fueled by an inspirational love for Art/ Visual Journaling. The 21 Secrets Spring Session, will mark the first time Jane has invited peeps into her creative laboratory.
Visit Jane Davenport HERE.

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