Not Just Yet


(one of my Big Girl Camera photos!!)

I had a magical weekend and I have so much I want to say.

So much I want to write.

But I don’t have the words yet.

I am still processing everything.

Friday night I went to my first live Kirtan concert by the grammy award winning–totally sweet and humble–so obviously full of love–Jai Uttal.

I want to share with you my beautiful experience–the surprise–the awe–and the moments of pure trance. But not now. Not just yet.

As I’m sure you already know..Saturday was the “super moon”…and Hansel and I packed up our cameras and tripods and drove out into the desert–and pulled down a random dirt road that took us to a dead end with a beautiful view. For the first time since I received my Big Girl Camera–I had no desire to shoot it. The moon–the night–the pull I could feel happening on my soul–I wanted to experience all of it completely through my own eyes–through all my senses–not filtered through my Big Girl camera lens. So I have no photos of the super moon–but I have an experience that means more than any image or words could reflect.

And I want to write about it–tell you what I was feeling.

But not now. Not just yet.

Then Sunday came and I sat in the nose-bleed seating area next to a woman with way too much perfume on—but I didn’t care.

I was in the same room with the amazing Maya Angelou as she sang, recited poetry, and told stories of her life that made the room go silent. She spoke to me it felt like. She spoke to all of us.

And I have so, so much to say. But I’m not ready yet. The words are still warming up. Still finding ways to form together.

BIG opened on Sunday too…and I have a strong feeling that this is going to be another tribe of FEARLESS Painters that touch my soul deeply. Already–in the short time that I’ve gotten to lightly know them this week–I can feel the connections between all of us beginning to form. Another FEARLESS Painting Adventure that changes lives…mine included, I’m sure.

And, after listening to Maya Angelou speak about rainbows in the clouds….it renewed my commitment to the work I do here in my tiny part of the cyberspace called Dirty Footprints Studio.

But I’ll say more about that later. Not now. Not just yet.

Last, this weekend, my FEARLESS Painting Retreat: Total Alignment sold out!!! I’m super excited–and simply ecstatic that all 12 women attending my retreat are my actual FEARLESS Painters from BIG and even DEEP. I feel so blessed–and so honored to lead these women on a FEARLESS Painting Adventure in my beloved Sedona–in the most magical time of the year: Autumn!!! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!!

And I have so much I need to tell you about Sedona…and how this retreat is really beginning my journey into my BIG, BIG dream…and how things are starting to happen and fall into place and begin….but not now. Not just yet.

But soon.

I feel like I’ve taken so much in this past weekend….and now it needs to marinate for awhile…and soon….soon the words will come to me.

I’ll share it all with you so very soon.

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