Are You Still Waiting?!?!


Are you still waiting to get into 21 SECRETS?

Registration is now almost to 400 participants…but it makes me sad to see that not everyone is there. We officially opened with a bang early smearly this past Friday, April 1st.

If you were one of the past 21 SECRETS participants that registered way back in January for the Early, Early Bird special–you received a Ning invite to 21 SECRETS on Monday, March 21st. This was your opportunity to come on over to the Ning site and create a profile.

Anyone else that registered for 21 SECRETS–that was not Early, Early Bird Special–you automatically received an email to the email address you used for paypal that clearly stated the instructions and link to complete your profile.

All profiles were approved Friday, April 1st.

So much fun and awesome art journaling is being had over at 21 SECRETS that I’d hate to have you miss out. Please email HERE with your full name that you purchased it under…and lets get you in there.

See you there soon!! And if you haven’t registered for 21 SECRETS–what are YOU waiting for? Register HERE and come join the fun!

BIG Hugs,


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