My Humbled Honor


Detail of FEARLESS™ commission for Kim

Detail of FEARLESS™ commission for Kim

Detail of FEARLESS™ commission for Kim

Me & FEARLESS™ commission for Kim

Here is a recent FEARLESS™ painting commission I did for Kim. I have stayed true to my commitment to paint everyday this entire April, even if I have neglected to document it here.

I even feel a little uncomfortable showing this painting actually. When I create a FEARLESS™ Painting for someone, it becomes an intimate and very sacred act for me. I hold this person in my heart and then I surrender to the process. As things come up I both paint them–and write them down in my journal that sits by my palette. Sometimes there are no words or even thoughts–just feelings. Raw feelings. Happy, sad, even anger may arise.

Sometimes when I create these FEARLESS™ paintings for others–what I feel becomes to difficult to even deal with. Sometimes they just flow.

To be honest, I don’t know if the feelings I have are anyway related to the person with whom I am painting for–or if am just transferring my own emotions into the process -I just believe that Creative

Source has no boundaries–it is limitless.

And when all of us–no matter how we access Creative Source through our own creativity–we are all connected and one.

Thank you Kim. It was my humbled honor to paint for you.

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