How To See The World


Hansel and I actually crawled through a barbed wire fence to take photos of this shack.

Something so alluring about the beauty found in things disintegrating and falling apart–I have to say.

Behind The Barbed Wire

But as we got closer it became evident that someone lived there–in the midst of the garbage, rodents, nasty smells, and swarm of bugs. There was even things stored in the refrigerator that had no electricity to work. The bed was soiled and my heart dropped to see the paperback book.

Behind The Barbed Wire

When you look closer to the details, it’s obvious to see that someone that lives there has addictions and things happening in their life that are quite troubling. And here I am with my Big Girl Camera searching for the heart and the beauty somewhere hidden in someone else’s reality.

Behind The Barbed Wire

And as I began to walk around this shack I could feel a heaviness start to form in my chest. My heart just ached for the soul that occupied that space. My mind struggled to wrap itself around the deep pain that exists in this world–that you can find it present and visible even scarred in the wood grain.

Behind The Barbed Wire

But really, all I was doing was making assumptions.
Creating a story. Building a narrative to fit a specific place–a specific thing. Without knowing anything as certain–I gave it my own version of its own history.

Behind The Barbed Wire

And I do the same with people sometimes that I sometimes do with places. Attach my story to the story they are presenting. Not knowing if any of it is actually truth or part of their actual reality.

Behind The Barbed Wire

But as humans we can’t help it. Right?

Our minds are made to play these games.

We see what is in front of our eyes and believe that we are seeing everything.

Behind The Barbed Wire

Maybe that is why our eyes are useless when it comes to gauging truth and reality.

It’s best to stick with the whisperings of the heart – the feelings that arrive from our deepest being.

Call it intuitionOr innate wisdom.

But I keep practicing again and again to keep seeing the world from the one place we are all connected.

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