What Most Artists Don’t Know


Being an Artist is not just about fantastic hand-mind coordination.
Or talent.
Or skill.
Or even passion and a great sense of style.

What can make an Artist special is their willingness to stay connected to Creative Source.

I’m sure you’ve felt it before.

Those moments when things simply gel together.
They flow.
Move like magic.
Feels like something else is working through you.

And like I said, staying connected to Creative Source takes a willingness.
A surrender if you may.

And you would think that this connection came automatic.
That all Artists do this.

But they don’t.

Because staying connected to Creative Source means getting out of the way.

Trusting.  Letting things take it’s course.
Forfeiting up control.
Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

And that’s just not common protocol
for anything in this world

So many Artists struggle only to perfect their skills-
Pour all their attention into refining their talents-
Spend loads of dollars on gaining more and more Artistic knowledge–

While totally neglecting the most important part of being an Artist.

Their connection to Creative Source itself.

It’s like having a money tree in your back yard
But working five jobs instead.

Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with
Hard Work.

I’m just saying there needs to be a balance.
That Artists are Artists because they do have this direct line to Creative Source.
That their duty is to stay in the flow
And let the same energy that makes birds fly, leaves change, and flowers bloom
Work its magic through them as well.

Not just to make pretty paintings
And rockin’ sculptures.

But to help conquer fear
And allow love to grow.

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