Total Alignment Amazingness!!!


Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter QuiltPorn.

All the paintings you see here have been created by FEARLESS™ Painters from my FREE online workshop Total Alignment.

Opening the Heart

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Tarsh White.  And she blogged about it HERE.
Are you curious about FEARLESS™ Painting? Do you want to deepen your connection to creative source?Does your artistic soul need a little booster shot?Could your heart-mind-body use a little nudge back into alignment?

Self Expression

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter LilyWheel Slide.

Then Total Alignment will help.
It’s free–it’s open 24/7–
and I soaked it completely in luscious LOVE!

mi corazon

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Rasz Art.  And she blogged about it HERE.

Plus you can join the Total Alignment Flickr group and share in what
FEARLESS™ Painters from all over the globe are doing with Total Alignment.


Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter GiftGirl.

I’m just so blown away and melting over with joy
on how much pure awesome AMAZINGNESS
is being created through this E-workshop!

TA4 - Total Self Expression

Painting also by FEARLESS™ Painter GiftGirl.

nuddie girl #2

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter HeidiB64.

Open Heart Fearless painting

Painting by FEARLESS™ Painter Sheila.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!!!

It’s so exciting to watch the tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters
grow and grow!!!

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