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Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

In Total Alignment our intention is to align our body-mind-spirit with creative source.  But for many of us, we might question exactly what that may look like–or even more–how that may feel.

The best way I can explain it is in those moments when we are completely engaged and integrated with what we are doing.  I find that music is a fantastic vehicle to help us move into total alignment with creative source.  Music can transport us–as well as transform us.

For our third Total Alignment invitation we are going to energize not only are bodies–but our FEARLESS™ Painting Practice as well by energizing it with a bit of music that ignites our spirit.  This could mean something fast and passionate–or something slow and meditative.  Choose what you feel resonates with you most–and then go for it! Dive in! Be FEARLESS™.

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Be Gentle With Yourself, Dear FEARLESS™ Painter.

Please don’t take yourself too seriously.  FEARLESS™ Painting is not something you can achieve at.  It’s not something that you can perfect–or even something that you can get somewhere at.

It’s definitely not something you ever want to be “good at”

Good is so boring–you know that.

So let it be.  Let your paintings be.  Let your expression be.

And know that whatever you create is beautiful.

Even the ugly stuff.

Especially the ugly stuff.

And not because I say so–or because it’s the warm and fuzzy thing to say.  But because what you are creating comes from a dance done between you and your creative source.  That what you are creating rises from that place inside you—so rich and abundant with beauty like a jewel found deep in the earth–so wild and pure like wild horses at sunrise–so raw and juicy like cactus in sunshine– so vibrant and new like a baby’s first smile.

Let your painting be what it wants to be. Give birth to the pieces of you that you’ve decided to ignore, hide, or leave best left untouched.  Give them a place to exist.  A home.  A safe haven of truth.

Energize your body.  Energize your mind—your spirit–by surrendering.

Through trust.

But be gentle with yourself, dear FEARLESS™ Painter.
Be kind,
be loving,
be soft.


Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS™!!!

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